Conventional Boilers

A conventional boiler, also referred to as a regular or traditional boiler works in a similar way to system boilers in that they also store water in a hot water cylinder/storage tank. If your current property is over 10 years old and your boiler has not recently been replaced then it is likely you have a regular boiler.

A conventional boiler works by heating water within in a hot water cylinder generally contained within a large tank inside your airing cupboard. The cylinder is provided with water by a cold water storage cistern that is almost certainly situated in your loft. The central heating system will be supplied water via the system, feed, and expansion tank, again generally situated in the loft, which will keep it topped up with the ideal amount for the heating system.


How much do regular boilers cost?

The cost of regular boilers can vary enormously due to a large number of factors that include the size of boiler, manufacturer, size of your property, possible special parts and degree of pipe work. As a general rule of thumb a regular boiler system will cost between £800 and £4,500.

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